Not a bad night for a chubby girl

My Saturday night, was definitely a lot more interesting than my Friday night. It started to get interesting with a text message from Paul. I hadn’t heard from him since he told me that he had met someone else a couple of weeks ago. I told him then that I’d be interested in continuing a friends with benefits relationship, but never got an answer until tonight.

Do u wanna fuck

I’m kind of surprised it took him so long to get back to me. His message was pretty straight and to the point. “Do u wanna fuck?” My answer was yes. I was at a club with my friends but I really wasn’t having a good time. I had already heard two guys say “she’s hot for a chubby (might have been chunky) girl.” I wanted to get out of there and I told him to come pick me up.

A half hour later, I met him the parking lot of the club. It felt like we hadn’t seen each other in two hours, not to two weeks. We kissed as soon as I sat down in his car, he didn’t hesitate to put his hand on my leg and slide it up my jean miniskirt. I was in his car less than a minute and his fingers inside of my thong, rubbing my pussy. Just having him touch my pussy made me moan, I told him that we had to find some place more private right away.

He told me first that we could go back to his place because his roommate was gone. Then when we started to get close to his apartment, he told me that his roommate might be there. Then when he parked the car in front of his apartment, he asked me if I would give a blowjob to his roommate again. He told me that I didn’t have to, but the horny slut in me definitely wanted to.

Ian was waiting for us when we entered the apartment. I wasn’t sure what to do at first. I was a little nervous, even though I really didn’t have any reason to be. Then that inner slut took over again. I asked him if he was going to join us in the bedroom. I was almost surprised to hear the words come out of my own mouth, but I probably wasn’t as shocked as Ian and Paul.

We didn’t make it all the way to the bedroom. We didn’t even make it to the hallway. Ian came over and kissed me. I had Paul behind me, his arms wrapped around me. He soon had my skirt unbuttoned, unzipped and his hand in my thong again. At the same time, Ian started to grope my boobs. One of my hands reached forward and started to rub Ian’s cock through his jeans. My other hand reached back and felt Paul’s already very hard cock through his shorts. I took turns kissing both of them as their hands explored my body. I felt like such a dirty girl.

Ian soon discovered that the only thing holding up my top was two tiny knots and with two quick tugs he had them undone. I pulled the top down further, then Paul took off my strapless bra. It was some serious team work. They both started playing with my boobs, caressing them, squeezing them, Ian was even sucking on them. I told them that we needed to get to the bedroom now.

I playfully ordered them to sit on the edge of the bed. I told them I wanted to see their cocks. I’m not usually controlling in the bedroom, but I definitely was turned on by it now, especially now that I had two hard cocks pointing up at me. With them watching, I took off the rest of my clothes. I usually feel a little uncomfortable being naked in front of one guy, let alone two, but they made me feel so sexy.

I got on my knees between them. I started with a tease, stroking their cocks. I went back and forth just licking their cocks until Paul jokingly told me he was going to die if I didn’t start to suck his cock soon. I took Paul’s cock in my mouth first, but only for a minute before, I switched to Ian. I tried to be fair, going back and forth on their cocks but when I gave a little too much attention Ian, Paul decided to step things up a bit. He asked, if he could fuck me now.

I got off my knees and the inner slut in me said that I wanted to get fucked doggy style with one cock in my pussy, one cock in my mouth. They jumped up and quickly started to strip out of their clothes. I had Ian sit on the bed, and then I got on my hands on knees above him. I took his cock in my mouth again and went back to work on it. Paul came up behind me, he grabbed my waist and I felt him slide inside of me. I was one very happy slut.

I tasted Ian’s cum a few minutes later, but even as he was cuming we knew that he wasn’t done yet. He moved out the way, but I told him I wanted his cock inside of my pussy soon.

Paul and I switched positions so that I was on my back now, getting fucked missionary position. He was fucking me slowly before, but now he wasn’t holding anything back. All I could hear was my heavy breathing and moaning and sound of skin meeting as he literally pounded my pussy.

A few minutes later, I knew he was close now. He was in his zone, fucking me as hard as he could and it wasn’t long before I felt him cuming inside of me.

I didn’t have long to catch my breath. Ian was hard again and ready to fuck me. I invited him to join me on the bed and he didn’t waste any time positioning himself between my legs. I felt him slide into my very wet and “juicy” pussy now.

It’s not my first time having more than one guy in one night, but all I could think about was how different they felt inside of me. They looked like they had about the same size cocks, but Ian definitely felt like he filled me up more. They also had to totally different techniques. Paul had been just fucking me as hard as I can, while Ian was taking his time, enjoying it. I know I was enjoying it.

Almost out of nowhere, Paul rejoined the action. He put his cock in front of my mouth and I didn’t hesitate to open my lips for him. It wasn’t the best angle for me to give him head, but it seemed to work out. At one point it was almost like he was fucking my mouth. I was being used and I loved it.

This position lasted forever, in a good way. However, all good things have to come to an end. Ian told me that he was getting close. I told him to hold on, I wanted them to give me a facial at the same time. I think earlier in the night this would’ve surprised all of us if I had said this, but now it just felt right.

Ian pulled out of me, while I went back to work on Paul’s cock. A few minutes later, he announced that he was ready. Ian put his cock into my mouth and it didn’t take much at all to bring him to the edge again. He pulled out and the last thing I saw before I had to close my eyes was a cock on either side of me, them stroking as quick as they could. I saw Paul’s cock explode a load of cum right towards my eyes. Less than a second later, I felt a load of cum from the other side of me. It hit my mouth. When it was over, I had some cum on my forehead, a lot on my eyes, in my eyes, on my nose, my cheeks, all over my lips and even a little on my chin. The cum in my eyes hurt, but I felt like so hot with all of the cum on me.

I wish I had a picture to post here, because when I opened my eyes in the bathroom a minute later, my face was covered. It’s definitely not my first facial, but it might not even be the most cum I’ve ever had on my face ever, but my face looked like a mess. My make up, especially my eye shadow and eye liner looked like it was ready to drip off my face.

Paul drove me home after that. He told me I could stay, but I really couldn’t see myself staying there after what just happened. I definitely can’t wait to see them again. When Paul pulled up in front of my place, I asked him if I was going to see him again soon. He smiled and said yes.

Not a bad night for a chubby girl. Those guys at the club have no idea what they missed out on.

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