One Very Wet Night

Last weekend, I had an unforgettable night and an amazing day. Both go hand in hand with each other, but I only had time to write about the first part tonight. The second part, will be coming ASAP.

Then he pulled his cock out and I swallowed him.

That Saturday night, my girl friend invited me and two of other friends to come hang out with this guy that she liked and four other guys. It wasn’t what I would call a party, but there was more than enough alcohol to get more than eight people drunk.

I started with beers, at some point we switched over to mix drinks and I even remember doing a few shots. I think I would’ve been fine if it wasn’t for us turning it into a drinking game at one point.

Anyways, after a round of shots, my friend Rachel decided that she wanted to go swimming in his pool. She wouldn’t do it alone and somehow convinced me to do join her. I’m sure the alcohol and the fact that I’m somewhat of exhibitionist had something to do with it.

I was thinking bra and panties, I had done that more than a few times in situations like this (usually when there was alcohol involved). However, she didn’t stop there, she took off her bra too. I felt like all eyes were on me and I took off my bra too. All of the guys there were smiling now. I was only wearing a purple lace thong and I felt so naked, but so sexy.

Soon, all four of us girls were in the pool, splashing around, wrestling and even doing a little innocent kissing while the guys watched. Of course, it wasn’t long before they were stripping down to their shorts or boxers and jumping in too.

For the most part it was pretty innocent, lots of wrestling and playing around in the water. However, there was some not so innocent groping of my tits from one of the guys, Brian. He was super cute, decent body and I was already thinking about him fucking me later.

It got pretty intense. He was standing behind me, my ass pressed up against him, gently rubbing and feeling him get hard. We were talking with our friends and acting like nothing going on. In my intoxicated state, I’m sure I thought the water was hiding everything, but I’m sure everyone could see everything.

His hands had gone from my waist to caressing my boobs. He was playing with nipples a lot, squeezing them and even pinching them. Then his hands went into my thong, sliding down and rubbing my pussy. I was so turned on by it.

We ended up making out and since I was now facing him, my hand went into his shorts and started to stroke his cock.

At some point, I told him that I had to go to the bathroom. I really did have to go to the bathroom, but I had some other naughty thaughts too. He told me that he would be waiting for me here, I told him to come along. That made him smile.

None of my friends said anything or even really noticed as we toweled off then headed inside.Or maybe they did but I was just too drunk to notice.

I waited outside of the bathroom while he took care of his business, then I took my turn. When I was done, I opened up the door and pulled him in with me.

We really started making out now. His lips were full of pure lust as they explore my mouth, my neck and of course my nipples.

My hands were back into his shorts again, this time stroking his cock like I was jerking him off. His hand that wasn’t busy caressing my tits, pushed my thong to the side and started to finger fuck me. It was just so intense.

Without him asking or me even telling him what I was going to do next, I started to kiss down his neck, across his stomach and slid down to my knees in front of him. He undid his shorts and I pulled them down with his boxers. His cock was right there, rock hard waiting for my attention.

I started licking the tip, then sliding my tongue up and down the shaft. I took one of his balls in my mouth and sucked on it while I stroked his cock.

My mouth went back to the head of his cock, but this time I opened up my lips and took in the head. My lips continued down his shaft, taking most of it in my mouth. I slowly slid my lips back up and let his cock fall out of my mouth.

I was done teasing him now and when my lips opened up for his cock, I didn’t let it go except to breathe for the next few minutes. I slid my lips up and down his cock, slowly at first, but constantly increasing my speed.

It was just a matter of time now. A few minutes later and my work was done. He warned me that he was going to cum, but I didn’t stop. I didn’t stop until I felt his cum shooting in my mouth and I could taste it. I slowly slid my lips up and down his shaft now, taking every drop of cum out of him. Then he pulled his cock out and I swallowed him.

He told me that I had a very talented mouth and I told him that he had a great cock. He asked me if I liked cum, and I said yes. He asked me about facials and said I liked them. He laughed and said that I should’ve told him sooner. I just smiled.

When we went back out to the pool, no one had missed us. And things had gotten even wilder while were inside. Apparently, my friend Rachel and Diana had gotten pretty naughty outside. They had started making out and Rachel ended up going down Diana while she sat on the edge of the pool. I had no idea that they would do something like that.

As far as me and Brian, it would’ve been over after the blowjob. I probably would’ve never seen him again, if he hadn’t put his wallet into my bag to keep it dry and in a safe place. But that part of the story is for another time, when I have more time to write.

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