Sex At The Playground

Sorry, I haven’t updated since last week. I’ve been a little busy…if you know what I mean. I had a really good weekend with James.

I think the highlight for me was Saturday night. He came out with me to celebrate the end of my school year with my friends and I at the bars near my college. I definitely had too much too drink, but not too much where I was out of control drunks. I was just enough drunk to become really, really horny.

Less than a few minutes later, he was cuming.

Neither of us were sober enough to drive back and of course there were no taxis anywhere. I’ve done the walk back to my apartment from the bars before, but it’s not exactly a walk I wanted to be doing in the dress sandals that I was wearing.

We made it about halfway back before I needed to rest my feet. I wanted to sit on a park bench, but he had other ideas. He suggested we rest inside a little fort in the middle of the playground in the park. It wasn’t the most private place, but it was definitely good enough for us right then.

We sat on the steps leading up to our future hiding spot for a few minutes, just kissing and waiting to see if anyone was around. When we were sure it was safe we dashed up into the miniature fort. I wasted no time getting out of my jeans and panties. He followed my lead and dug through my handbag looking for condoms. I was sure I put some in there but I couldn’t find them. It probably didn’t help that I was still way more than buzzed.

I cursed myself for not going to get my prescription for the pill, but I just told him he had better pull out again.

I laid on my back, opened my legs and waited for him. He positioned himself over me, and kissed me as he pushed into me. Even slightly drunk, he felt so good sliding into me.

It definitely wasn’t the most comfortable place that I’ve ever had sex, but I didn’t care at the time.

The alcohol gave him some serious staying powers. We had to have been fucking there for a good ten or fifteen minutes. It was definitely no longer a quickie. At one point, I suggested we finish at my place, but he wasn’t ready to accept defeat. I guess neither was I. I told him if he wanted he could fuck my ass. He asked me if I was sure. I asked him what he thought would be the position.

A few moment’s later, I was on my hands and knees ready to get fucked doggy style. I felt so dirty. Alcohol definitely brings out the really naughty side of me.

I’ve only had anal sex less than ten times and it had been a while since the last time I had done it. I knew it was going to hurt, but I forgot how much it hurt. He pushed his cock against my asshole and I bit my lip. It took a few tries, but I’d say it was definitely worth it when he finally was able to enter me. He seemed to think the same thing, telling me how good my ass felt.

It felt good as he fucked my ass, but it was definitely something that I was doing for his pleasure and he was certainly enjoying it.

Less than a few minutes later, he was cuming. He came inside of my ass with one very deep last thrust. I could kind of feel his cock throbbing as he came.

We collapsed right there. I couldn’t believe that I had let him fuck my ass. We laid there trying to gather up energy for the rest of the walk home. The rest of our walk home was rather uneventful.

And for those that were curious, this afternoon I went to get my prescription for the pill.

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