Sex In The Bathroom

I’m sorry that I haven’t updated for a few days. It’s been pretty busy. I’m no longer seeing Paul and I really wasn’t in the mood to blog for a few days. Then this weekend, I took a much needed vacation with my roommate, her boyfriend and his friend, a very cute guy named Ryan.

I’ve been interested in Ryan since the first time that I met him a few months ago. However, I didn’t think he had any interest in me. Luckily, it turns out that I was wrong. Either that or after spending 72 hours stuck in around me drove him insane.

it did help satisfy my sexual cravings.

The first couple of days/nights nothing happened. We were definitely stuck together because my roommate and her boyfriend we’re always disappearing. It looked like nothing was going to happen, because he definitely treated me more as a sister, than a love interest.

But Saturday night, a few too many drinks definitely changed things. All four of us went to a bar on the beach. After some mixed drinks, a couple beers and a few shots I was feeling very “nice.” It seemed so was Ryan. I found myself dancing with him. We did a lot of bumping and grinding and the next thing I know, we’re kissing. Nothing too serious at first, but it wasn’t long before I felt a hard on growing against my waist. I was wearing a skirt made out of a real thin material and I could really feel his erection. I was totally turned on, but what happened next was totally not planned.

After all of that drinking, we both really need to go to the bathroom. The bathrooms on the first floor had lines way too long. We ended up wandering to the upstairs. I’m not sure if it was a private lounge or just completely off limits but it was completely empty. There was one unisex bathroom. I went in first, then while I was waiting for him in the hallway, some really naughty thoughts came to my head. When he opened up the door, I practically pushed him back into it. He was surprised, but he definitely didn’t resist me.

I long the door behind me and pulled him to me. He practically pinned me against the door as we made out. His hands went straight for my boobs and practically ripped my shirt to get to them. I definitely didn’t care at the time, because all I was thinking about was getting my hands on his cock. I soon had it my hands and quickly brought it to life.

He asked me if I wanted to really fuck here. I didn’t exactly answer with words. Instead, I pulled up my skirt, then pulled off my thong. I asked him if he had ever been with a fat girl before. (Definitely, not a question I would’ve asked when I was sober.) He told me I wasn’t fat and then we both kind of laughed when I said chubby.

He asked me if I had any condoms. I hadn’t even brought a purse, let along a condom. I definitely didn’t think this was going to be happening. Even though, I was on the pill now it probably wasn’t the best idea to let him fuck me without a condom. However, I was drunk and really wasn’t thinking.

We tried sex standing up first, but the angle wasn’t really working for us. Next thing I know, I’m bent over, leaning on the window sill. I wish I could remember exactly how it felt, but I was moaning pretty loudly so it must have been at least semi-good. I remember that he was fucking me pretty hard, my body shaking with each thrust inside of me.

I have no idea how long it was, but it seemed like he lasted really long before he finally came inside of me. We just stayed in that position for a few moments before some noises brought us back to reality and we quickly fixed our clothing. Of course there was someone in the lounge area now. I felt a little slutty, but the guy didn’t say anything, even though I think he was an employee at the bar.

My roommate and her boyfriend noticed that we were gone for a while, but I don’t think they had a clue what had happened. However, when we returned back to the house where were staying at, I’m sure they noticed him come into my bedroom, instead of going to the couch that he was sleeping on.

We had sex again and really I don’t remember anything about it other than, it was in the missionary position and I remember admiring his body. I didn’t get a good look at it before, because all of his clothes had stayed on in the bathroom. But now I got a very good look as he fucked me in the bed. He definitely had a nice toned body, maybe a little bit out of my league.

We did it again in the morning, it didn’t help with my hangover but it did help satisfy my sexual cravings.

I really don’t know if this is going to turn into something more or not. He called me earlier and left a message. When I called him back, I didn’t get an answer, so it looks like we’re just playing phone tag right now.

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