Three Guys And Lots Of Cum

Sorry, it took me so long to write this. Things have been slightly busy here. Between work, school and getting ready for Christmas, I’ve just been so busy.

My “adventure” happened Friday night. I was getting a ride to a party with three guys I go to school with. I should’ve known right then that I was in for some trouble – the good kind of trouble of course. I really only knew one of them, Pat. He’s in my English class and I guess you could say he invited me to the party. I definitely had a crush on him, but his friends, Todd and Luke weren’t bad looking either.

Todd was forcing his cock inside of my mouth,

When we got to the house where there was supposed to be a party, it was dark, no one was there and there were no cars in front. We were in the right place, but no party. After some phone calls were made, we drove around looking for something else to do. There really wasn’t anything else to do. None of us were in the mood to go to a club or a bar, so we ended up picking up a couple twelve packs of beer (so classy) and heading back to Pat’s apartment. Should’ve known that things were definitely going to end in trouble.

I was planning on just having a couple of drinks, then heading home early so that I might get up early and study some the next morning. It didn’t exactly work that way. I had a few more than two beers. I wasn’t completely drunk, but I wasn’t sober enough to drive. Not that I wanted to go anywhere, I was getting pretty horny and I would’ve loved to disappear into the bedroom with Pat for a little while.

There was definitely some sexual tensions in the room. I’m not at all being “cocky” about myself, but I knew all three of them wanted me. After couple more beers, I was thinking all three of them were worthy of some time in the bedroom. At first I was imagining them individually, but at some point I started fantasizing about all three of them. You know how sometimes when you’re drunk, you’ll say anything that comes to your mind. It turns out this was one of those times. At some point, the words “I want to get fucked” slipped out of my mouth.

They all looked at each other. They looked at me and that’s when I signaled with my fingers for Pat to come over to me. He was sitting on the other end of the couch, but didn’t waste any time sliding over to my side of it. I told him that I was so horny and started to kiss him. Less than a minute later, he was on top of me. We still had our clothes on, but he was definitely grinding his very hard cock against me now. He his hands were all over me – fondling me through my shirt, rubbing between my legs. I was getting even more turned on.

Most of my attention was on Pat, but even where Todd and Luke were sitting, I could see that they had something growing between their legs also. They were intently watching everything that was going on.

I undid the top button on jeans and I could tell they were anticipating for what came next. I unzipped them, then with some help from Pat, they came off.

Without moving from my position on the couch, I reached down into my bag and took out condoms. I gave one to Pat, then let the others falls to the ground. He pushed his jeans around his thighs, then put the condom on. A few seconds later, I had that hard cock inside of me. It wasn’t a great fuck, but it felt good. I think he was trying to put on a show for his friends by showing how hard he could fuck. It was just a little too much for me. It also didn’t help his cause that he definitely came on the quick side of things.

After Pat got off of me, I looked at the two of them. They were both wondering who was next and the slut inside of me told them that I had a pussy and a mouth that was waiting for their hard cocks. I think less than a minute later, I was completely naked and on all fours with Todd behind me and Luke in front of me. I felt so dirty. Todd grabbed my hips and pushed his hard cock deep inside of me pussy. Luke held on to the back of my head and slid his cock into my mouth. I was getting used, but I didn’t care. They were calling me all sorts of names and I loved it.

At some point, they switched positions. They weren’t holding anything back now. Todd was forcing his cock inside of my mouth, making me gag on it. Luke was fucking me hard too. Pat even took another turn. That’s when I told them that I wanted them to all cum on me at the same time. Definitely my inner slut talking again. I think that’s when its got really interesting. They would all fuck me until they got close than stopped. I was on my back now and they were all taking turns fucking me for a minute or two then stopping. It was the most intense feeling ever.

Then Luke said he couldn’t hold back anymore. In one quick motion, he pulled out of me pussy, ripped the condom off and started squirting cum all over me. The first shot hit my neck, the rest were all over my face. I could only open one eye now, but I could see Pat one side of me stroking his very hard cock and looking like he was ready to explode too. I felt Todd, straddle me and than saw that he was also stroking his cock. All I could think was what kind of chick likes asks to get covered in cum and enjoys it. A few seconds later, I felt cum hit the right side of my face from Pat. Todd came at almost the same time too. I couldn’t open my eyes now, but I could feel that a good portion of my face was covered in cum.

The slut inside of me thanked them for all their cum as I licked some of it off with my lips.

I went another time with Pat and Luke, but really nothing to mention. It was one on one and we were really drunk by then.

I woke up the next morning pretty early. I was on the couch, naked except for a blanket. I was still a little drunk and already starting to feel the hangover coming. Luke and Todd were gone. Pat was still sleeping. I didn’t even wake him up though. I just found my clothes, then left so that I didn’t have to talk to him. Really weird seeing him in class a couple days later. We didn’t know what to say to each other and we both acted like nothing had happened.

Since then I’ve been wondering what kind of girl really does do things like this. I was wondering it while it was happening. It was what I was thinking about while driving home. And it’s not like it’s my first time doing something like this either. I definitely don’t see myself stopping things like this either. In fact, I can’t wait for the next time this happens

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