Unofficially Officially Fuck Buddies

I think Paul is official my fuck buddy. We went out for late dinner last night, but I think it was more of a formality than anything. We could’ve just skipped and I would’ve been fine. After dinner, he came back to my place. After a brief, but awkward introduction to my roommate, he came back to my bedroom with me.

 I put the condom on for him this time.

It wasn’t as exciting as at the park this weekend because we both knew what was going to happen next and there’s no risk of getting caught in my bedroom. However, it was still a lot of fun, plus it wasn’t rushed and we got to take our time.

We just made out for a while. I don’t know long it was but it seemed like forever (in a good way). When he made the first move and caressed my boobs, I helped by taking off my shirt and then my bra. He was gentle with my boobs at first. However, soon the fondling and sucking became a little rough and I loved it.

He was laying next to me and I couldn’t resist finding his cock. First, I was massaging it through his shorts, but of course my hands found his way into his shorts and around his hard cock.

The remainder of our clothes quickly came off after that, but we didn’t rush into sex. He fingered me, as his mouth alternated between kissing me and sucking on my nipples.

I was a little surprised, but I wasn’t complaining when he moved between my legs. It wasn’t the best oral sex that I’ve ever received but it definitely got me all sorts of wet. What really drove me wild was when he was licking me and fingering me at the same time.

I couldn’t wait any longer and pulled a strip of condoms out of the drawer in the nightstand. I ripped one off the strip, tore it out of it’s wrapper as quickly as I could and handed it to him. I couldn’t wait for him to put it on. It seemed like it took forever, even though it was probably only two seconds.

I opened my legs and reached forward for his cock. With one hand, I gently pulled him towards my pussy. He pushed deep inside of me with my arms and legs, I brought him closer to me. I was in heaven with him on top of me.

He took his time, not even really fucking me at first. We just kissed as he ever so slowly slide his cock in and out of me. It was almost a tease, but it felt so great.

However, soon he was fucking me as hard as he could. He made me breath hard. He made me moan louder and louder. I tried to be quiet because my even if my roommate was still in the living room watching television, the walls in our apartment are thin. However, Paul made it really hard to be quiet. It’s not just the speed that he fucks. It’s just the power he fucks with. He just had this rhythm and technique that drove me insane.

He finally came after a few minutes at his full speed, but I didn’t want him to pull out just yet. I wanted to feel his cock inside of me as long as I could. When he was completely soft, I released him from grip and let him climb off of me.

We both have 9-5 jobs this summer so we tried to go to sleep. I think we tried for like an hour and we were both still wide awake. It started with a soft kiss, but soon our hormones were raging again. He was hard and we hadn’t even really done anything yet.

I put the condom on for him this time. He was laying on his back, his hard on sticking up. I was a little bit of a tease, taking my time putting it on him, but I’m not to good of a tease when I’m super horny too. I climbed on top of him this time. I didn’t go slow, I went straight to riding his cock as quick as I could. I love being on top, controlling the pace, controlling how far he goes into me.

He lasted longer this time. When I wanted to change positions, he had me bend over on to my hands and knees. He literally pounded my head into the pillows as he fucked me doggystyle. He came after a few minutes and I think we were both satisfied enough to go to sleep. I know I fell asleep very happy.

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