Upstairs In The VIP Room

Saturday night, I went out to another club with Jessica again. I’m already becoming addicted to spending time with her. I think Rich is getting a little jealous, but he seems to be happy as long as I give him all of the details the next day. Here’s what I spent most of Sunday evening telling him…

I pushed my tongue between them and could feel her wetness.

That day, I went out and bought a brand new white miniskirt and halter top that showed off my boobs, but was loose enough to hide my stomach. I looked at myself in the mirror before I left my apartment and I thought I looked really good. Then I got to Jessica’s apartment and saw the dress that she was wearing. It was this white dress, with splashes of color all over it. The skirt was tight, but what made it really stand out was that it was so low cut that it showed her cleavage, the top and the bottom. The front of this dress basically didn’t stop until it met the skirt part of it. It made me take a double take. I wished I could pull of a dress like that.

We stood in her kitchen sipping on some drinks, while killing a little bit of time before we left. The whole time, I was looking at her body. Checking out her perfectly perky braless boobs. I love my tits, they get me a lot of looks and they’re firm, but they don’t even compare to hers. I was really hoping that we could skip the club and go into her bedroom so that I could suck on her nipples.

Unfortunately, it was soon time to head to club. Going there this time, I wasn’t at all nervous. I was excited and couldn’t wait to see where the night took us.

However, the club was half empty. After a few drinks and no guys hitting on her, let alone me, I was ready to find some place more exciting. Luckily, Jessica talked me into staying. She said that she knew the owner and he would give us free drinks all night long. Plus, she promised me that it would pick up.

Fast forward an hour and the club is full of people, I have a drink in each hand and I’m leaning across the bar so that Evan, the owner could look down my top. I was wearing a bra, but he definitely got a show.

Less than an hour after Evan showed up, I was drunk, talking and even making out with random guys. Evan made sure that our drinks were strong and that we constantly had at least one in our hands.

I was really getting into making out with one guy. I was kissing him, sitting on his lap, grinding my body against his as the music played. Things probably would’ve gotten even hotter if Jessica didn’t interrupt us. She whispered into my ear, that we were going to meet Evan upstairs in the VIP room.

I expected for it to be more than just Evan up there. The guy I had been making out with downstairs was a lot hotter and Evan is kind of like a slimy older guy. However, I was going to go anywhere Jessica wanted me to go.

There was a bar up there and Evan let us go behind there take whatever we wanted. Jessica and I picked a bottle of Jager. I didn’t need anymore to drink, but when she passed me the bottle, I took a shot from it.

I remember their was conversation, but I really don’t remember what was said until Jessica pulled the front of her dress away from her tits and invited us to pour the liquor on her, then lick it off. She poured the liquor slowly over her chest and Evan and I leaned in from the other side to lick it all off. I ended up kissing Evan, then Jessica pulled me away to kiss her.

Soon, Evan was untying the top of my top. The top fell off once it was undone and without any hesitation, I undid my bra and put it into the bar. Jessica still had the bottle and poured it all over my chest for Evan to lick up. He was rough with my boobs, even bitting my nipples. Jessica took a turn next and was a lot more gentle.

When Evan undid his jeans and took out his cock, he didn’t need to even say a word. At the same time, Jessica and I both got on our knees in front of him. We attacked it with our tongues, licking every inch of it. I wasn’t really turned on by Evan, but his thick cock definitely got some juices flowing inside of me.

Jessica opened up her mouth and took him inside of it as I watched. Watching her suck his cock right in front of me, was even more of a turn on. I couldn’t wait for my turn.

We took turns sucking it for a minute or two each.

With both of us working his cock, I’m surprised he was able to hold off from coming. He made us work for it. It was worth the wait.

All of a sudden, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and stroked it. A few seconds later, a burst of cum hit my face. He sprayed cum all over both of us.

I was in shock about what we had done and where we had done it, but Jessica didn’t pause for a minute. Next thing I know, she’s licking the cum off of me. She started with my chest and worked her way up to my face. She kissed me when she was done and I tasted his cum. I was soon licking her clean, wanting more of his cum.

The licking didn’t stop there either. She pushed me onto one of the leather sofas. She pushed up my skirt, then pulled my thong out of the way. She smiled at me as she moved between my legs and started to kiss my pussy. It felt just as amazing this time. She focused in on my clit with her tongue and started to make me moan. She mixed in her fingers and soon I was orgasming again.

I barely had a chance to catch my breath before she was kissing my other lips.

After a minute or two, we rolled over so that I was on top. I worked my way down her tender body with my mouth. I rushed, not wanting to miss my chance to go down on her. I was sweating, I was nervous and I couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I licked past her bare pubic area, then kissed her soft pussy lips and gently opened them up with my finger.

I pushed my tongue between them and could feel her wetness. I wish I could say what she tasted like, but I honestly don’t remember any taste. I’ll never forget the feel. It was so soft.

I soon found her clit and licked it feverishly. I rolled my tongue around her clit and she moaned and her body shook. I moved my tongue as quick as I could, wanting to make her body shake again. She begged for me not to stop. I didn’t stop until I knew that she had orgasmed.

I got up from the couch and looked down her beautiful body like a proud hunter that had caught her prey. I felt her juices all over my face and my tongue was literally tired from all of the work.

I went to the bathroom and when I came back, I found Jessica bent over the back of the couch, getting her pussy pounded by Evan. I sat next to her, playing with her tits as I kissed Evan. I told him that after he was done with her, he had to fuck me too.

It was like watching a porn and I had a front row seat.

At one point, a bar back came into the room to get some bottles of liquor from downstairs. He stared and even though I wasn’t the one getting fucked, even had half of my clothes still on, I felt like such a slut.

After a few more minutes, right about when I thought the back of the couch was going to break off, he came.

He pulled out and pointed the cock at me and asked me to clean it off like a good cum slut. I did exactly as he asked.

However, I could soon feel his cock growing softer. I was worried I wasn’t going to get fucked, that he would have to go back down stairs because it was getting close to closing time.

He insisted that if we helped him, he would come back to life. We teamed up again to work his cock with our mouthes. My mouth was getting tired, but soon we had him hard enough for sex.

He had me stand up in front of a mirror. He positioned himself behind me and told me to lean over. He pulled up my skirt, then used to fingers to pull my thong away from my pussy.

His cock was soon rubbing against my pussy. I guided it inside of me.

I didn’t need his cock. Jessica had satisfied me with her tongue, but the slut in me couldn’t let it be over until I got fucked.

He fucked me hard, making my whole body shake. I watched in the mirror. I looked so sexy with my body moving to his hard thrusts, so slutty with my skirt up around my waist.

It took all of the slut in me to make him cum. When we got tired of that position, he had me sit on the bar and spread my legs. I felt so hot getting fucked on the bar, but the counter was just a little too high.

We ended up back on the couch. I was on top of him, feeling his thick cock fill me up completely as I slid up and down on him. He was vicious with my tits. They were in his face in that position and he was bitting them and squeezing them to the point where it hurt. However, I kept begging him for more.

Jessica came up behind me and started to kiss my neck, then my lips. Her hands found my clit and started to rub it.

It all combined to make me climax. However, I didn’t slow down. I didn’t stop bouncing up and down on his cock, until he filled me up with cum too.

He quickly got dressed, then went downstairs. Jessica and I took our time, talking about the highlights from that night. She told me that when we got back to her house, she wanted to lick the cum out of me.

When we got downstairs, the bar was closing with just a few stragglers in the bar. All the employees looked at us like they knew that we just fucked their boss. As we moved through the crowd exiting, I felt like such a slut. I was already full of cum and here were these other horny couples that were just about to get started.

Before things could get really steamy back at Jessica’s we passed out from exhaustion. I wasn’t disappointed at all. I got to wake up half naked in her bed the next morning. Unfortunately she did have to get up and go to work, but there will be other times.

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