When it rains it pours…

After going through a dry spell, it looks like I’m making up for it. All week long, I’ve been having some really amazing sex with Randy. He wants sex as often as I do, plus he always makes sure that I orgasm. Saturday morning, he gave me an orgasm that was probably loud enough where my neighbors are going to complain, but Saturday night I went out with this other guy.

Soon I was topless and he was like a kid in a candy store

His name Martin. He’s older, like thirty-something. He’s cute, but to tell the truth I just get red flags going up every time I talk to him. Anytime I see him in person, he’s starring at my tits and not hiding that he’s looking either. I like guys checking out my body, but he just looks a little too long. Plus, he’s always asking me out. Somehow, I got myself talked into going out for dinner with him. It was a free meal and Randy was tied up doing something else that night, so I figured it couldn’t hurt.

It ended up being a really good date. Sure he starred at my tits too much, made a lot of inappropriate comments, but at the same time once I got used to his sense of humor, he really started to make me laugh and feel comfortable with him.

When he picked me up, I had no intentions of sleeping with him, but as the night went on, I started to play with the idea in my head.

After dinner, we went out to a bar for a few drinks. It was way more mature than the bars that I usually go to. The place was classy, trendy and we could actually carry on a conversation without yelling.

After a few drinks, he’s becoming even more bold. He’s telling me how he’s wanted me since the first time that he came into my work. He’s telling me how he likes girls like me who have curves. Part of me is really turned on by it, the other part thinks that he’s just saying it to get into my panties. Either way it worked.

It wasn’t long before we kissed. It wasn’t long before his hand went from my knee to my thigh, to a quick brush between my legs. It was real quick, but it was more than enough to make me very wet.

I didn’t even have to tell him that I was ready to leave, he knew and soon we were headed out to this car.

It was cold out last night, but that didn’t stop us from making out in the parking lot. It was intense with him pressing me against his car, his body grinding against me and our hands all over each other.

He told me that he was feeling a little too drunk to drive and that he knew a hotel around the corner. I knew one too, it was kind of skeezy, but he surprised me and took me to one a little further, that was a whole lot more expensive.

Anytime, I check into a hotel with a guy, I feel like a whore, even when I’m dressed nice like I was last night. Half of me feels dirty because here I am checking into a hotel with another guy. The other half of me really doesn’t care.

Inside the hotel room, he poured us each a glass of wine. Sure it was the wine that comes from the in-room refrigerator, but it was a nice touch.

We sat on the edge of the bed talking, kissing and the sexual energy was building.

I had just finished my wine, when he decided he was done playing around. Next thing I know, I’m on my back, he’s on top of me, grinding himself against me. Even through all our clothes, I could soon feel his hard on.

It didn’t take him long to go for my boobs. As we made out, his hands caressed me. At first, it was through my shirt, but it wasn’t long before he was unbuttoning it.

Soon I was topless and he was like a kid in a candy store. He couldn’t get enough of them. He caressed, pinched, squeezed, licked and sucked on them. I’m used to guys going to town on my tits, but he took it to a whole new level. Part of me enjoyed it a lot, the other part of me wanted to do more.

A few minutes later, my lace panties and my pants were on the hotel floor. He was kissing my thighs, working his way closer and closer to my pussy. He teased me so much, several times I thought he was going to go to work on my pussy, but he had me begging before he finally would.

He definitely knew what he was doing down there. He had me almost instantly moaning as he worked me with his tongue and fingers. Within a few minutes, he had brought me to not just one powerful orgasm, but two almost back to back.

It was so intense that I had to catch my breath when he was done. He let me catch my breath, then it was back to the fun. This time he climbed on top of me and ordered me to spread my legs further. He was rock hard and his cock was rubbing against my pussy.

He had been aggressive so far tonight and I expected him to be one of those guys who went straight towards the hard fucking. Instead, he gently slid himself into me, then we kissed as he slowly fucked me.

He wasn’t in a rush, he was just taking his time.

It had to have been ten minutes of it. I swear it was more intense then some of the really hard “poundings” I’ve had.

He started to get close and his pace did pick up. He told me that he was going to pull out and cum all over my tits. I said that I loved having cum on my tits and the next thing you know he’s pulling out, getting on top of me and aiming his cock at my tits. He stroked feverishly for a few seconds, then unleashed a load of cum all over my tits. It didn’t spray all over the place, just left a huge puddle of cum on and around my right nipple. He watched as I scrapped the cum up with my fingers and sucked them dry.

The night ended not too long after that. We were both pretty exhausted, but I have a feeling that won’t be the last time he cums on me.

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